Friday, November 19

The Walking Dead Friday - "Tell It To The Frogs."

Season 1 - Episode 3: "Tell It To The Frogs."

Another Walking Dead Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss, but quickly. I've had a rather busy week, busy enough to cause today's review to be scrapped together in the eleventh hour.

On Monday night, I was in Chicago, dancing my ass off to the Reel Big Fish/Aquabats show at the House of Blues. I had a great time, I didn't lose my car (despite my best efforts) and the company I kept was top-notch. Really enjoyed myself.

On Tuesday, I had to take the Missus to the doctor because her head exploded. She's better now, but that shot a better portion of the afternoon to pieces. Migraines suck.

On Wednesday, I met up with Madison gadabout (and Dane101 mastermind) Jesse Russell to discuss global domination and the Dead Milkmen. He's good people, Stuart. A fine American.

On Thursday, I had to fill my house with groceries and spend an hour on the phone with my mom, as she talked me out of my current 2011 goal of getting into shape and participating in a MMA bout. She can't tell me what I can't do. I'm a man. I drive a Mercury Sable with a big dent on the passenger's side.

So that leaves me here..Thursday night at about 11:45pm. When I publish this bad boy, it's going to be so fresh it'll be flopping around on the screen. So let's get into it already.

(Dale launches into Hour 3 of his story about meeting Adam West.)

Delirious Merle
Is surrounded by Roamers
Hacksaw off that hand!

(This woman is getting more sex than me, and she's in a zombie apocalypse.)

Daryl; Merle’s brother
Is more than a little pissed
We have to go back!

("Check it out, one of the Roamers sent us a Thanksgiving card.")

Rick, Carl, Lori
Tearfully reuniting.

Shane’s feeling emo.

("Anyway, like I was saying before I accidentally shot my foot off...I totally hit that.")

Shane lied to Lori
By telling her Rick had died.

She didn’t take it well.

Roamers are abound.
Food in the city is scarce,

Just like Madison.

("Allow me to illustrate our intimate future by tightly clasping my hands together. Got it?")

Rick is going back
For Merle and all of his guns.

Well…mostly the guns.

(This was Scott Walker's campaign poster. It snagged a lot of 'NASCAR Dad' votes up north.)

Douche Ed slaps Carol
So Shane pummels him to bits.

He’s in a bad mood.

("ADMIT IT! While the Blue Album was more commercially successful and musically accessible on a Pop level, the themes, songwriting and musicianship of Pinkerton make it the better album in the long run, when you take critical acclaim, personal resonance and genre influence into account. ADMIT IT!!!")

Back in Atlanta
The team returns to the roof

To lend Merle…a

('Sarah Palin's Alaska' has kind of gotten off to a weird start.)

That's it, I'm out of here. Thank you for reading; sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. Next week is big here, as Aerating The Mashed Potatoes gets released globally, making me an instant millionaire and keeper of the hearts of thousands of confused young men and women. Come on back when you get the chance. Bye.

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That Sarah Palin picture is actually freaking me out kind of badly.

I think Shane redeemed himself a bit this week. Even if he just beat the dude up to blow off some steam, he was totally RIGHT to do it.
Yeah, I had to scroll over that zombie pretty fast. I agree, Celia, this was a good week for Shane. It's hard to have edge when you tuck in your t-shirt, but he nearly did it.

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