Tuesday, November 23

What's The Opposite Of A Sophomore Slump?


There are two ways to order Aerating The Mashed Potatoes, my new book, and the funniest text put to paper since Toby Keith's 'Courtesy Of The Red, White & Blue.'

To order a copy online, CLICK HERE. A link is also over in the sidebar.

To order a copy directly through me, just send $21 (cash, check or money order) to:

The CDP.
PO Box 865
Sun Prairie, WI

If you order through me, your money gets you an autographed, hand-numbered copy of the book, along with Priority Shipping and a free piece of CDP merch. I don't have a crazy amount of books left, so do it soon if you want to secure a personalized copy for yourself.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to release two books in three years. I greatly appreciate it, and I hope you enjoy the new book.

-Ryan Zeinert

Took me a while for nothing but dumb reasons, but the check's in the mail.
You're the man, sir.
Sophomore hump? Mmmmm...

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