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The CDP Year In Review - 2010.


What did 2010 mean to you? Seriously, I'd like to know. While I accomplished much, I feel like I may have sleepwalked through the bulk of it, zombified by my own deadlines and routine. Judging by the current mindset and mentality of those around me, we're all skidding collectively into 2011 on fumes; exhausted, beaten and completely unsure of what tomorrow holds.

It's like an epic film, only in real life, that's not as fun as it sounds. Mostly we're just tired all the time.

In January, I made my intentions known to publish my second book by the end of the year. This became my top priority, dropping me into a self-imposed Boot Camp that I only emerged from just a few weeks ago. I think I wrote some good posts over the last year, and I'm certain that things happened on a national scale that effected me personally, but I'll be damned if I can remember any of them right now.

I got up (most days), went to the office, went home, wrote a few pages and went to sleep. For nine straight months. I also may have drank a few cups of coffee, gotten drunk a few hundred times and took a shower or two, but that has to be the extent of my deviations. When I commit, I commit like a psycho. I created something in Aerating The Mashed Potatoes that I'm pretty fond of, but just like when I wrote Book #1 in 2007, the blog tended to get neglected at times.

Fortunately, The CDP Year In Review is here to remind us exactly what went down over the last 350-some days. Read along, click the links and have fun. You might learn something; I know I did.


January 6 - Kicking off the year in style, I have four impacted Wisdom Teeth removed. I almost instantly develop an addiction to muscle relaxers, which actually may explain why I don't remember too much about what else happened this year.

January 14 - I revisit a childhood memory: Digging a hole straight through to hell.

January 18 - Turning down the chance to murder another living thing says a lot about the character of a child.


February 5 - The first Lost Friday of the final season, another thousand pages of jokes and captions. The only people on the planet that wrote more about Lost were the writers of the show themselves.

February 16 - The CDP turns 6. Its baby teeth are all messed up, but in a cute way.

February 24 - The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade #7 arrives to much cheering and acclaim from music nerds on every coast.


March 12 - My first (and last) Lost Friday Liveblog. This is fun to do, but I get the sneaking suspicion everyone else hates it.

March 17 - My Favorite TV Theme Songs. I'm officially out of things to rank.

March 26 - The greatest episode of Lost ever? The greatest Lost beard ever?

March 31 - Why (sane) adults don't go to Cost Cutters.


April 2 - Another great Lost Friday as the series begins to wind down. We started to come to the sad realization that almost none of our questions would be answered, which I actually found hilarious. Joke was on us.

April 20 - A little write-up I did about the Lost producers visiting Madison. They also wrote the new TRON movie, too.


May 21 - Lost Friday - 'What They Died For.' So many deaths.

May 28 - Lost Friday - 'The End.' Faith wins the 'Science v. Faith' argument, but only in a fictional sense.

May 31 - Now that Lost is out of the way, I start catching up and focusing on the book. I debate calling Book #2 Pinkerton, but the Missus talks me out of it because she likes it when I make money.


June 9 - Buy my old book before you buy my new one. Not the other way around, please. It's a fine book, but I don't want you to step backwards through my evolution as a writer. Then again, my mom liked the first one better, so I could be wrong on this.

June 14 - Speaking of mom, here's one of the better essays featuring her dysfunctional relationship with me.

June 30 - Nothing like a borderline Nervous Breakdown to make you re-evaluate stuff.


July 12-16 - My Top 30 TV Shows of the 90's. Melrose Place mysteriously absent.

July 19-23 - My Top 100 Movies of the 90's. It's Pat!: The Movie mysteriously absent.

July 26-30 - My Top 150 Albums of the 90's. Toad The Wet Sprocket mysteriously absent.


August 2 - The 8th (and final) Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade. For now.

August 16 - My 2010 Emmy picks. I did very well, yet won nothing. I got what I deserved.

August 23 - My Annual Fall TV Preview delivers the goods once again. This is usually one of my favorite posts of the year.


September 6 - I announce the title of my almost-finished book. The world collectively shrugs, says, 'Wuh?' and goes back to cleaning the refrigerator.

September 20-24 - My Top 50 Ska Albums of All-Time. I'm an expert; don't dispute me.


October 4 - The Walking Dead Friday replaces Lost Friday...for a little while. I commit to recapping 6 episodes, thinking for sure that the show would flop and be canceled. It becomes the biggest basic cable hit of all-time.

October 18 - The book is done. I have patience. I have drive. I have determination. Another goal accomplished...ladies.

October 22 - The cover of Aerating The Mashed Potatoes is revealed. The literary world scrambles to catch up with its pure beauty and Pop Culture brilliance. Lawsuits are flung from every corner of the globe.


November 2 - Aerating The Mashed Potatoes is unleashed to an unsuspecting (and still unsuspecting) public. Apparently, people don't like laughing until they piss their pants anymore.

November 5 - The debut of The Walking Dead Friday. I miss Amy already.

November 15 - My celebrity status can't even sell out a Chuck-E-Cheese.


December 10 - The Season 1 Finale of The Walking Dead Friday. Goodnight, sweet zombie.

December 13 - My favorite Tracks of 2010. Young Money's 'Bedrock' is criminally overlooked.

December 14-17 - My favorite Albums of 2010. Not a fantastic year, but decent nonetheless. Just like the CDP.

Well, there you have it. 2010, revisited through the eyes of the CDP. Sound off in the comments section, enjoy your holidays and spend some time digging around and checking out some things you might have missed. We will return on Friday with a bonus post on December 24, as I count down my Top 10 TV Shows Of 2010. Then gear up for the 2010 State Of The CDP Speech on December 27, as we end the year with a big announcement.

Thanks much.

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