Friday, December 24

The CDP's Top 10 TV Shows Of 2010.


I particularly enjoy today's header design. I do awesome things every now and then, even if it is just slapping my logo over a retro photograph. It's sometimes more fun than actually writing stuff.

Anyway, I hope everyone is currently enjoying a safe and happy Holiday weekend. The 2010 State Of The CDP Speech arrives on Monday, which is both the final essay of the year, but also a huge announcement concerning the very future of this-here CDP. I hope you come back for it; egg nog and smoked salmon will be served to those who request it.

Now, my 10 favorite TV shows of 2010. Enjoy!

10. Mythbusters

9. Conan

8. The Office

7. Community

6. Louis

5. Lost

4. 30 Rock

3. Modern Family

2. The Walking Dead

1. Friday Night Lights

I don't care what you have to do, finding a way to get into Friday Night Lights will be worth your time and efforts.

You're officially dismissed for Christmas break. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your weekend. The CDP returns Monday with a huge State Of The CDP Speech 2010.

I still have yet to see an episode of FNL. Really need to get on that, but admit I've been distracted by other shows that have filled my queue.

Looking forward (?} to the announcement, though no egg nog for me. My poor, fragile belly can't handle the stuff. :)
I gotta be honest...I didn't even know Friday Night Lights was still on the air. However, I am excited to see 3/4 of my Thursday night lineup. (I think I only watch Outsourced because I am too lazy to change the channel.)
EMILY - Season 1 is a must-watch, if I can say such things without turning you off to it.

Your poor, intolerant tummy.

HILBELINK - FNL airs weird. The season plays out on DirecTV's 101 Network, then the season plays on NBC. The last season is this year, and while you probably won't see it until Spring, we're about 10 episodes in on DirecTV.

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