Wednesday, December 15

The CDP's Top 20 Albums Of 2010 (15-11).


The end of the year is approaching, which means that you're probably currently inundated with thousands of lists and end-of-the-year countdowns concerning all sorts of cultural achievements. Well, here at the CDP, it's no different, as today we continue to count down the Top 20 Albums Of 2010.

Just a quick word on the validity of this list. It's by no means a 'definitive' or 'good' list; merely a list of the 20 best albums purchased by me this year. I'm not Pitchfork, I don't get free albums, and I don't actively seek out things that would boost my indie cred. I'm just a dude, dudes, so take it for what it's worth and enjoy.

15. The Thermals – Personal Life

14. Ultimate Fakebook – Daydream Radio Is Smiling Static

13. Delta Spirit – History From Below

12. Gaslight Anthem – American Slang

11. Yeasayer – Odd Blood

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. The countdown continues tomorrow.

Totally missed that Thermals record, but I was jammin' on their 2009 release all year. It's in my library queue now!
I seem to get into Ultimate Fakebook albums a good half decade late - I think I got This Will Be Laughing Week in 2005. I was under the impression they broke up years ago, so I'm glad to see they're still kickin' it.

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