Wednesday, December 1

Nail Down What You Plan To Keep.


The CDP has you covered, all December long.

December 3
The Walking Dead Friday - 'Wildfire.'

December 10

The Walking Dead Friday - 'TS-19 (Season Finale).'

December 13-17

The CDP's Top 20 Albums/Songs Of 2010.

December 20

The CDP Year In Review.

December 27
The State Of The CDP Speech.

In my personal experience 2010 was one of the best for music, both in terms of new albums as well as live shows in Madison. The last couple years I've gone through my iPod on a slow work day and drawn up a top 25 list, but this time around I've been really thinking about it.
Make it so. It's fun!
Oh, it'll happen - I meant to say that I'm putting in a whole lot of thought as to the final order instead of just scrolling through and listing what I see. I've got three or four sheets of paper in a drawer at work with all my 2010 releases listed, with notes and everything. I've been writing little post-it notes to myself when I listen to an album and sticking them all over the place. On the days when I'm really bored I work out rankings and musing on which ones are trending up. Titus Andronicus has held pole position for most of the year, but the Gaslight Anthem, Two Cow Garage and Against Me! are all in the running for top honors.
Two of those albums are also on my list.

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