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The Walking Dead Friday - "Wildfire."

Season 1 – Episode 5: “Wildfire.”

Another Walking Dead Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss. Let's make this quick; I've got a Christmas roast in the Crock Pot, and if I don't baby it for the next 22 days, it's going to come out all soggy and anemic.

Time's-a-wasting. Let's get to THE THICK & MEATY!


As dawn breaks, Rick attempts to communicate with Morgan via walkie-talkie. “Atlanta isn’t what we thought,” he says. “It belongs to the dead now.” Strangely enough, this is exactly what my Dad said in 1987, as we drove through Georgia on our way to Disney World.

Andrea is keeping watch over Amy’s dead body, presumably waiting for her to turn. The other survivors are busy making sure that those killed in last night’s attack are properly butchered and burned. When they approach Andrea and declare Amy a security risk, she brandishes a gun and gets all feral.

It’s around this time that we realize Jim has been bitten during the attack. Jim downplays this, but naturally everyone freaks out and demands he be killed. Rick recommends venturing into Atlanta to see if the CDC is still operational. It could be their only hope to save Jim, or it just might send them all into a horde. Shane suggests going to a nearby Army base, but nobody really wants to listen to him anymore. Cowboy hat always beats baseball cap when it comes to who's calling the shots.

Dale consoles Andrea. A weird romance begins to bloom. A few minutes later, Amy begins to reanimate and stir. Andrea apologizes and shoots her in the head. Happy birthday.

As Rick and Shane dig graves near the campsite, Shane chastises Rick for not being there when the attack started. Rick says that they’d all be dead without the guns he obtained. Shane is on the verge of a tantrum. May I suggest poetry to calm the nerves?

Who would have thought the Apocalypse
Would capture for me what I covet the most?

If Rick is the Bloods, then I must be the Crips
‘Cuz I still love Lori more than toast.

Okay. The crew begins to prepare for the trip to the CDC. Jim is fading fast, which is a shame, because he seems like a really good actor. Shane pleads with Lori to make Rick change his mind, but she’s still pretty pissed off at him and feeling guilty about the woodland sex and whatnot.

As Rick, Shane and Dale sweep the forest for walkers, an argument brews. Rick tells Shane that “If it was your family, you’d feel differently,” which is the Apocalypse equivalent of a ‘Yo Mama’ joke. Shane snaps, saying that he kept them safe while Rick was gone. “I looked out for them like they were my own,” he says. When a noise draws Rick away, Shane finds himself aiming his shotgun at him. Dale catches this act and sort of comes to the realization that this whole thing probably isn’t going to end well.

En route to the CDC, the convoy stops when the radiator hose in the RV bursts. Jim begs them to leave him behind, which they eventually do. “I want to be with my dead, gross, zombie family,” he pleads.

We see that the CDC is being occupied by a man named Dr. Jenner. He speaks into a camera, fairly confident that there’s nobody left on Earth to hear his message. He says “It’s day 194 since Wildfire was declared,” giving us a little insight as to how long this has been going on (quite a while). He seems to be working on brain and tissue samples in an attempt to cure or at least stop the outbreak, but he mucks everything up and his work is obliterated in a decontamination explosion. If I had a nickel for every time I was on the verge of curing reanimation, but spilled a beaker into a petri dish and everything exploded around me as I was locked in a decontamination chamber, I would have retired seven years ago.

Rick and his crew show up to the CDC, and after a few tense minutes where it looked like the place was abandoned, Dr. Jenner opens up the security walls and lets the survivors in.

All the writers, on the other hand, are left to die in the street. Smash cut, episode over.

We're two days from the Season Finale, so don't miss it. Sound off in the comments section, check out the below links and enjoy your weekend.

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