Monday, February 14

Seven Years Of The CDP.

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Today is the unofficial Seventh Anniversary of the Communist Dance Party. I started the CDP a week after my 22nd birthday, and here we still are, just two weeks after my 29th. We've survived over 1200 essays, tens of thousands of comments, over a million visitors, countless Pop Culture references and jokes, and two published books. Not too shabby.

Our remarkable community has sprawled rapidly outside of this site, laying claim to all aspects of Social Media. The books are available everywhere. We have a Wikipedia page. A (woefully out-of-date) Facebook Fan Group. Twitter has allowed us to virtually meet up whenever we want. CDP shirts are fading in the wash as we speak. However, no matter where we communicate, I'm honored to know that the CDP is responsible in bringing so many people together. Every now and again I'll see two people talking online, and I'll think to myself, "How do these people know each other? Oh yeah, the CDP!" That sort of realization is worth more to me than any essay I'm capable of writing. I've met some of you. Gotten drunk with some of you. Hugged you and slobbered into your ear (sorry about that, by the way).

Sound off in the comments section, give the CDP some props on SEVEN YEARS and enjoy your day. Friday brings my first essay in a while, as I venture to Janesville High School to face one of my biggest fears: Speaking to teenagers about my writing, and attempting to leave with my dignity (and wallet) intact.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Congrats dude.

Now, I know baseball cards ain't your thing, but recently in my postings I've had links, references and pictures regarding:

The Smiths (doing "Handsome Devil")
McCloud (the TV show)
Touch Of Evil (movie)
Barbi Benton (yowza!)
The Match Game
Kim Jong-Il Looks At Everything

You haven't slobbered in my ear, either. But I have enjoyed our beers and banter, and look forward to more.
I have 2 CDP shirts and I didn't pay for either of them. >:)

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