Friday, April 8

Relevant To Today's Youth.


Three years ago this week, my picture and Stickam profile were shown on G4's Attack Of The Show! In a related story, April of '07 was the last time either G4 or myself have been considered relevant in any way. Still a good year, though. People still cared about blogs.

It's no big deal, but seeing your face on television, particularly when you're not expecting to, is a jarring experience at best. I just remember looking at it for a second in confusion, then exclaiming "That's me!" to an empty living room and fumbling with the remote so I could record it. It was up for maybe five seconds, so I was lucky to have been watching at the time.

Strangely enough, this wasn't the first time I caught myself on television by accident. A year earlier, after attending a local taping of WWE's Friday Night Smackdown!, I was greeted with this split-second screengrab while watching the broadcast later in the week:


I'm not too hard to spot.

Sound off in the comments section, tell us about your unintentional moments in the limelight and enjoy your weekend.

My only brush with televised fame was 22 years ago when I was on the local news for my eighth birthday - August 8th, 1988. Channel 15 sent a camera crew out to Vitense to interview me while my friends and I played mini golf. I had buck teeth and a Cubs hat slightly off-kilter, saying "It's my Golden Golden Golden Birthday" with a huge smile. My parents still have a VHS tape of it somewhere. The actual segment features more shots my adorable younger sister than me but I can't fault them for doing that. Another fun fact about that day - it was 88 degrees. A third fun fact - I will ALWAYS play pocket 8's in Texas Hold 'Em, regardless of the odds or the price of the bet.

I also was on the cover of the Rhythm magazine insert to the Wisconsin State Journal, but this was only because I was standing in front of the camera as the photo taker snapped a picture of the band Hum playing at the Barrymore.
Hey, it's me! With black hair!
I was just discussing with some people the other day about how it was such a big deal when I was a kid we got to be on this show that taped in Green Bay...had a clown on it. They don't remember it, so made me feel kinda crazy, but I'm sure I was there and it happened. My one claim to fame...
WALLROCK - Nice! Turning 8 on 8/8/88!

TAMMY - Oscar the Clown? In the 80's, it was a Northeastern Wisconsin rite of passage to be on Oscar's show at some point in your childhood. Awhile ago on the CDP, I told the story of the time my cousin and I were on the Thanksgiving episode, and the microphones picked up the sound of me making fun of everyone and everything for 30 straight minutes.
I personally do not have a claim to television fame but my house (which I don't even own) does. My husband and I were watching Pecker (a John Waters movie that no one outside of Baltimore has ever watched) because we knew it had been filmed in our quirky B-more neighborhood. About 10 minutes in my husband abruptly paused the movie and just stared at the screen. We were highly intoxicated so it took me a ridiculously long time to catch up and then I finally said, "Hey! That's our house!" We are Pecker's neighbor, and his grandmother's Pit Beef wagon is where I park my car. Pecker's house burned down not long after the movie was made and is now just a car pad for our neighbor's house. Also, they totally show cars going the wrong way on our "not-really-but-understood-to-be-one-way" street, and the fact that we know that made us feel way too cool, like we are 2 of only a handful of people to be in on the secret on Hollywood distorts reality.

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