Tuesday, June 7

It's Always Windy Nowadays.


When I go bowling, I play for keeps.

So, here's the deal. I have a bunch of essays, projects and countdowns on deck for the next few months here at the CDP, but I've been busy, so I've fallen behind the schedule I set for myself. Expect new things to roll out in a week or two, and we'll go from there. It'll be fun.

-What is the greatest television show of the last 25 years?
-Did the Berenstain Bears inadvertently prove the existence of Time Travel?
-Is Craig Counsell currently the greatest player in baseball?
-Is UFC Undisputed the most realistic video game ever made?
-Is the portal to an analog dimension hiding in a hotel in La Crosse, Wisconsin?

I'll attempt to answer all this (really) and more this Summer, so stick around. I ain't done yet.

I just realized that, judging by some of these topics, it would appear I've fallen behind schedule because I've taken up smoking weed.
Okay, this is weird, but when I saw that picture the first thing I thought about is the only picture of you I have saved, a picture that has survived many organizational mass file deletions and has travelled with me through three hard drives. I don't know why I have it. I like to have at least one picture of the people I know, my favorite picture, just to have in case I want to make a collage or a powerpoint or something.

I present to you: ZeinertRyan_CDPdisplay.jpg (http://imgur.com/HvdHy)
This new photo was intended to be an homage of sorts to that one...although I do just end up sitting that way a lot.

Really though, THAT'S the one photo of me you keep?
I guess I feel it represents you. My favorite is the "A Winner Is You" pic though.

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