Friday, April 8

Relevant To Today's Youth.


Three years ago this week, my picture and Stickam profile were shown on G4's Attack Of The Show! In a related story, April of '07 was the last time either G4 or myself have been considered relevant in any way. Still a good year, though. People still cared about blogs.

It's no big deal, but seeing your face on television, particularly when you're not expecting to, is a jarring experience at best. I just remember looking at it for a second in confusion, then exclaiming "That's me!" to an empty living room and fumbling with the remote so I could record it. It was up for maybe five seconds, so I was lucky to have been watching at the time.

Strangely enough, this wasn't the first time I caught myself on television by accident. A year earlier, after attending a local taping of WWE's Friday Night Smackdown!, I was greeted with this split-second screengrab while watching the broadcast later in the week:


I'm not too hard to spot.

Sound off in the comments section, tell us about your unintentional moments in the limelight and enjoy your weekend.