Monday, April 11

The Last 600 Days Combined.

Unless you happened to be one of the 60 kids inside the Plymouth Youth Center on December 29, 2001, you've probably never heard this song before. It's called '600 Days,' and it's the first song my band wrote following the triumphant release of our album earlier in the year. We never recorded it and performed it live maybe two times, but I always thought it was one of our less awful moments.

The quality's rough, but hey, it's an important relic of my existence, so I'm glad it exists at all. At the very least, you can enjoy three straight minutes of my wife's butt, which I am still prone to do on occasion (she's going to make me delete that line as soon as she reads it, so please enjoy it while you can).

It seemed that the Missus and I were always on the verge of breaking up, despite the fact that we had been going out for almost two years at the time (600 days, to be exact). Therefore, I wrote a song about that very thing: Why did we continue coming back for more punishment and frustration? Were we crazy? Sick gluttons for pain? The only logical conclusion was that we loved each other deeply, and that it would eventually see us through.

What would you say
If I told you that I loved you more today
Than the last 600 days combined?
I know you're crazy, I know I'm sick
But when tomorrow comes, we'll be just fine.

Yes, she was understandably pissed off when she heard it for the first time, although that clearly wasn't my intention. I just knew we had problems we needed to work out, and wouldn't you know it? We totally did.

3,750 days later, and we're still doing just fine.

Enjoy the song, sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.