Monday, July 4

It Must Be Summer.


As I was driving out of my neighborhood yesterday, I caught something out of the corner of my eye that absolutely made my day.

There was an Indian couple in their front yard, dressed entirely in traditional Indian clothing. The woman was wearing a long dress with the purple, silk shawl thingie and her hair pulled back. The man had the white suit, buttoned to the neck with crisp slacks, jet black hair and a healthy Indian mustache. They looked strikingly proper and beautiful; probably in their late 30’s.

The woman was bent over near the side of their house, filling up a giant squirtgun with a hose. The man was standing about 10 feet behind her, pumping his already full squirtgun with vigor. Before she had a chance to turn off the hose and stand back up, the man completely unloaded on her. He was aiming directly for her ass, and scored a bullseye for the better part of three full seconds, soaking the back of her dress with a completely straight and stoic face the entire time.

There were no children anywhere in the vicinity. It was just them.

God bless America.