Monday, January 9

Hey, I Never Showed You My New Tattoo!


So, the photos are kind of blurry, and I didn't take the time to make it camera-ready, but here are a few shots of the half sleeve I got in July of 2011. I do plan to write actual essays between now and February, but I figured a few of you would like to see this. If you did not want to see this, go ahead and keep that to yourself.


Bene at Big Guns Tattoo in Madison did this for me. He specialized in exactly what I wanted, so it was a perfect fit. The process took a staggering 6.5 hours, and we did it all in one sitting. I learned a lot about myself that day; basically that I could experience pain to the point of hallucination without going into shock and messing myself. I consider it a learning experience, and it wasn't until afterward that Bene explained to me that most people don't knock out a half-sleeve in one sitting. Lesson learned.


You'll notice that it only goes to my elbow. This is because by the end of February, I'll be completing the rest of the sleeve, right up to my collarbone. More than anything, you're looking at half of a year-long project that I can't wait to complete. Trust me, the finished product is going to be incredible. This ink also goes along nicely with my first tattoo, lurking over on my right forearm.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. I'll be back before you know it.

What led to the decision to do it all in one go? Most artists (in my experience) won't agree to that, simply because they start to cramp up.

Oh, and it looks great! The shading looks amazing.
EPHLAND - My decision was pure OCD. I knew I'd go crazy walking around with just the outline for a few months, so I figured that the pain would be more tolerable than the anxiety. Bene was willing to knock it out in one session, and we took a few breaks during the 6.5 hours so I could get some sugar and electrolytes into my tummy. I'm glad I did it, though, because I found out that I could go 6+ hours in the future. I plan on doing the top of the sleeve in one setting also.

Thanks! Yeah, I knew that this guy was going to give me what I wanted. His traditional stuff is top-notch.

EMILY - Shucks. Thank you!
nice! 6+ hours is a long sit. i can't really do more than about four and a half. way to go, tough, guy!
Thanks, man! Looking forward to finishing the arm. If I ever get out to Portland, I'll definitely be hitting you up for a tattoo.
Looks awesome! Your badass factor has gone up at least 20% now.
When the arm is finished, I'll be the BADDEST ASS.

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