Tuesday, February 19

We Be Yammin'.


It does not take much to get me to crack up at a supermarket.

It's usually the people watching that does it for me. It seems that every time I'm at my local grocer, I'm sharing space with at least five customers who are collectively experiencing the worst day of their entire lives in unison. They're dragging their kids by the hair. Failing miserably to keep their wobbly cart in a straight line. Screaming obscenities at overripe melons. It's a one-man tragedy that, if written for Broadway, would assuredly climax in some sort of murder/suicide.

Then I see something like the above crate of sweet potatoes, and it pushes me right over the edge. I was laughing so hard that I dropped my coffee. Well played, high-as-shit marketing team at Wayne E. Bailey Produce. Well played.

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Wow...I never noticed the lyrics below. That's great.
Celia, this looks exactly like something you would draw.
Woodman's at midnight. Enough said.
Totally, Emily. There's something about Woodman's at a certain hour that transforms it into a David Lynchian wasteland.

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