Monday, August 5

I Plead The Fifth.

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1. “Hey, remember how you told everyone you were working on your next book this Summer? How’s that going for you?”

Shittily. It’s not that the story isn’t good, it’s not that the outline isn’t good, and it’s not that I’m not excited to finally start putting all the pieces together on Book #3. I just haven’t really started is all. I’ve got a sick cat and I just downloaded the first 100 issues of Nintendo Power, so my weekdays have been fairly booked. Surprisingly, my weekends have been adequately booked as well with typical Summer activities (most of which were planned against my will). Maybe I’ll get a better handle on it come Autumn. I’m better at this when I’m profoundly depressed.

It is going to happen, though. It’s certainly not for a lack of content or ideas; if anything, it’s too much stuff I need to sort and compartmentalize. We’ll figure it out, and you’ll have something new to read in your mitts before you know it.

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2. “Hey, what else have you been up to?”

Eating Golden Oreos by the sleeve. Renewing my Sirius Satellite Radio subscription so I can listen to Art Bell’s new show when it premieres in September. Ordering NFL Sunday Ticket so I can watch ALL THE FOOTBALL IN AMERICA. Brainstorming a potential podcast/radio show. Hypermiling in an obsessive effort to get my car’s fuel efficiency above 45mpg. Working on my Foxy The Silver Fox impression, much to the chagrin of my wife and cats. Playing catch with my nephew and seeing Masked Intruder a bunch of times. Oh, and I finally ate a jalapeno last night, and it sucked ass.

Apart from not writing as much as I’d like, things are going pretty well. I’m enjoying the Summer with the Missus, keeping my binge drinking to a minimum, and making sure my weight stays within the 100-200lb. range. I’m certainly not complaining.

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3. “Hey, what are you watching?”

Well, you should first read my amazing 2013-2014 Fall TV Preview. It’s really good.

We’re still in the doldrums of Summer TV, so the pickings are slim. I’ve been giving Under The Dome a chance, but it’s been quite the challenge to overlook the terrible dialogue and illogical decisions. I initially was sticking it out because I heard it was nothing more than a 13-episode Summer event. However, I recently saw that it was renewed for a second season (to air next Summer), which really soured me to the idea of ever watching it again. It’s not good enough for me to come back to it next year; I simply wanted to see how it would end. Now that an ending (such as escaping the dome) is virtually off the table for this Summer, I’m considering just pulling the plug entirely. I think CBS is going to be very surprised at how few people return to it in 2014.

Joe Rogan Questions Everything has been highly entertaining over on SyFy. It’s an open-minded-yet-skeptical look at conspiracy theories and the paranormal; like a cross between Destination Truth and Mythbusters.

In retro news, our friends over at The 90’s Are All That will be running some classic, sport-related shows this week, so pull out your orange couch and stay up late for Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple and Double Dare this Monday through Thursday. Oh, and Toonami is on Adult Swim every Saturday night from 11pm-5am Central time if you’re an insomniac.

I was given The Wire as a Christmas gift, but I haven’t gotten around to making it a priority. I want conditions to be perfect. Same goes for Breaking Bad. Now that the series is drawing to a close, there’s a Netflix binge in my very near future.

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4. “Hey, did you see Pacific Rim?”

You’re damn right I did. IMAX 3D on opening night, and my brain was sufficiently blown clean out the back of my skull. It’s a lot of fun, so go check it out. If not, then you’re the reason why we get nothing but sequels, remakes and an overall lack of original content on the silver screen nowadays (ignoring the fact that Pacific Rim owes a lot to Neon Genesis Evangelion and every Kaiju film ever made). If you don’t love it, you must not love fun. Why do you hate fun? Why do you hate America?

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5. “Hey, what are you reading?”

The War For Late Night – Bill Carter
I Wear The Black Hat – Chuck Klosterman
A Man On The Moon – Andrew Chaikin

And all those Nintendo Power magazines I told you about earlier. I don’t care if it took 25 years, I’m conquering Ninja Gaiden once and for all. Because I’ve got the power. Nintendo Power!

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6. “Hey, you got NFL Sunday Ticket? Can I come over? I’ll bring dip!”


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7. “Hey, can I at least come over for Summerslam?”

No. If Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Championship I’m probably going to cry, and nobody needs to see that.

Sound off in the comments section, let me know what you've been up to, and enjoy your day.

I've been missing too many shows this summer. I fear it's because I'm getting too old to keep up with the kids. I skipped the Red Scare show at the Frequency because I had an office golf outing that afternoon and fell asleep on my couch at 8:00. I also missed LTJ because I'm a pile on Friday nights. In that instance I had a good excuse as I'd been traveling all over the place that week, including Chicago that morning, but that doesn't mitigate the shame and sadness I felt driving up I-90 and knowing that I wouldn't last beyond the second act.

I have made quite a lot of progress in amortizing the cost of my lifetime Union membership, having seen a number of bands on the Terrace and attending a good number of the Monday night movies. This summer's theme is sci-fi movies and I've been able to cross a few classics off my list. Galaxy Quest, Alien, Mars Attacks!... how I hadn't seen these before is beyond me.
Nice! You missed a fun LTJ/Masked Intruder show. In fact, I mentioned to my wife "I wonder if Wallrock's here?"

Inversely, I'm never downtown for Union shows. I actually missed a free Promise Ring show because I didn't want to have to park. So yeah, I hear you in regards to getting old and lazy (or is it logical?).

I was reading up on Alien a few weeks ago, specifically on how goddamn scary it was when it came out. I guess just the trailer was causing people to flee from the theater; nobody had ever seen anything like it.


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