Friday, December 13

The CDP's Top 20 Tracks Of 2013.

 photo Sleigh2013_zps33b69f50.jpg
(Sleigh Bells)

My list, my rules. I even linked to every damn one of them for you. Enjoy.

20. Sleigh Bells – ‘Bitter Rivals
19. Los Campesinos! – ‘Avocado, Baby
18. The Pastels – ‘Check My Heart
17. Haim – ‘The Wire
16. Paramore – ‘Still Into You

 photo MIntruder2013_zps7519d72e.jpg
(Masked Intruder)

15. The National – ‘Don’t Swallow The Cap
14. Arctic Monkeys – ‘Do I Wanna Know?
13. The Killers – ‘Shot At The Night
12. Tegan And Sara – ‘Closer
11. Masked Intruder – ‘Valerie Is Getting Married

 photo DaftFire2013_zps5fd217e1.jpg
(Daft Punk)

10. Eminem – ‘Rap God
9. Superchunk – ‘Me And You And Jackie Mittoo
8. Deltron 3030 – ‘City Rising From The Ashes
(Note: I linked to a live performance of 'City Rising From The Ashes' because it's absolutely incredible.)
7. The Impossibles – ‘Come Back
6. Daft Punk - 'Instant Crush'

 photo Chvrches2013_zps05ffc55e.jpg

5. Eminem - 'Berzerk'
4. The History Of Apple Pie – ‘See You
3. Surfer Blood – ‘Demon Dance
2. Daft Punk – ‘Get Lucky
1. Chvrches – ‘The Mother We Share

Sound off in the comments section, share your favorite track of 2013, and enjoy your weekend. The CDP's Top 25 Albums Of 2013 arrives all next week.

I was listing favorite tracks a few days ago and these were the ones that came to mind:

RVIVR, "Wrong Way/One Way" - I've probably watched the video three dozen times so far.
Nightmares for a Week, "We'll Do Our Worst, Lord" - easily the best "new" band I've come across this year.
The Lawrence Arms, "You Are Here" - kind of cheating since it's the preview track off of the new album coming out in January but that doesn't mean I haven't listened to it repeatedly over the past month.
Against Me!, "FuckMyLife666" from the True Trans EP, also kind of a preview track though this one is acoustic.
Sundowner, "Wildfires" - the new album from Chris McCaughan is one of my favorite things to listen to when I get into the office each morning.
Direct Hit, "Getting What He Asked For" - the best song about killing and dismembering a guy I've heard this year.
Ha Ha Tonka, "Lessons" - this song slowly builds and builds to a repeated line that gets stuck in my head for hours. It makes me feel better about my continual fuck-ups.
The World/Inferno Friendship Society, "Second Chance Saloon" from Turnstile Comix #2, a really cool comic and 7" series done by Mitch Clem.
Two Cow Garage, "Van Gogh" - the new album didn't grab me like the previous two did but after a few listens a number of gems like this one really stand out.
Tyranny is Tyranny, "Manufacturing Truth" - local band, the successor to United Sons of Toil, loud and angry music to make my afternoons go by quicker.
Nice! Thanks for sharing, man; I'll check all of these out.
I thought for sure Blurred Lines would be number one. was #21.

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