Thursday, December 19

The CDP's Top 25 Albums Of 2013 (10-6).

 photo The-Inpossibles-7-inch-record-500x350_zpsbc3a0f5a.jpg

10. The Impossibles – Come Back/The Position

 photo 814ethiaz-L_SL1500__zpsb0618f25.jpg

9. Saves The Day – Saves The Day

 photo 41etRDeiMoL_zpsbe460449.jpg

8. The National – Trouble Will Find Me

 photo 717uAmFZhEL_SL1000__zps94218bf6.jpg

7. Less Than Jake – See The Light

 photo 81WSbCgAcQL_SL1500__zpsd3a3bded.jpg

6. Arcade Fire – Reflektor

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day; countdown concludes tomorrow.

I've heard a few of the new LTJ songs and watched the video for "My Money Is On The Longshot" but I still haven't picked up the album. I need to get on that.

And I hadn't realized a new Saves The Day album was out.
The new LTJ was a big surprise for me. A 'return to form,' if you will. It sounds like a Greatest Hits album.

New Saves The Day is good, but they admittedly get a lifetime pass from me.

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