Friday, March 22

The Walking Dead Friday - 'Prey.'

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Season 3 - Episode 14: 'Prey.'

After a week off, The Walking Dead Friday is upon us with a special feature!

Life is all about decisions, and with only two episodes left before the Season 3 finale, our beloved apocalypse survivors will need to make nothing but good decisions in order to keep collecting paychecks come Season 4. But hey, they're sharp, aren't they? After all, they've lasted this long, and surely only the brightest, strongest and most finely-evolved humans could hack it over a year in a zombie-festered wasteland, right?


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This is a little thing I'd like to call: What Would Andrea Do?

The object of this game is simple. I'll give you a Zombie Apocalypse scenario, and you tell me not what the best decision would be, but what you believe Andrea would do in such a situation. Got it? Let's go.

1. After several days of trust issues, you verify that your part-time lover and town leader (The Governor) is building a torture chamber just days after meeting with Rick Grimes and proposing a 'truce.' You expect this 'truce' to be a lie, know...the torture chamber and all. What Would Andrea Do?

A.) Kill the Governor and anyone who stood in your way (or anyone who pinched your gun with his fruity fingers in a feeble attempt to prevent bloodshed).

B.) See how this plays out. Maybe he's an aspiring dentist or something.

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(The Governor prepares for Woodbury's rendition of Cirque Du Soleil.)

2. You decide to flee Woodbury because you're convinced a war is about to go down. Your plan is to travel back to the prison on foot to warn Rick, all while dodging who knows how many zombies along the way. What Would Andrea Do?

A.) Slink away under cover of night, armed to the teeth.

B.) Leave during the day, in the middle of a weapon-gathering mandate, armed only with a buck knife, and explaining your plan to the very guards assigned to keep you from leaving, knowing full well that this information could end up in the wrong hands.

 photo twd314-000887_zps73f8fb3a.jpg
("His head exploded!")

3. Despite wandering into a clearing with no overhead cover whatsoever, you manage to evade the Governor long enough to seek shelter for the night in an abandoned factory. After a lengthy standoff, you somehow manage to separate the Governor from his truck and place him in temporary danger. What Would Andrea Do?

A.) Take three seconds to see if the Governor left his keys in the truck. Three seconds, tops.

B.) Run away, exhausted and lost, further into the night.

Andrea was chock-full of terrible decisions this week, mixed with flashes of either brilliance or lazy writing. For example, how did she manage to find the prison on foot, despite only being there once before, and initially traveling there by road? Oh, and at no point between the walk back to the Governor's truck, the drive back to Woodbury, and the walk through the town to get locked up in Uncle Touchy's Naked Puzzle Basement, could you do anything to get anyone's attention? Nothing?

Fine. I sincerely don't care.

 photo twd314-003038_zps18f4a0f7.jpg
(How Tarantino was this ending, by the way?)

In the comics, Andrea is a strong-willed crack shot. On the show, she has reached Lori-esque levels of idiot frustration and whore annoyance. As a fan, I feel her small window of vindication has all but disappeared, and unless she kills the Governor herself (and she might), the audience will never accept her back into Rick's group with open arms. If she isn't the one to murder the Governor in the season finale (it could be Michonne or even Milton), then she should die during the shootout. At least, that's what I would do.

They're really going to have to make her a sympathetic character (in a hurry) in order to get back into the good graces of fickle TWD fans that blame her for everything, which boils down to the Governor beating the crap out of her for a little while before she's rescued so we all feel bad for saying such mean things about her. Weird as it sounds, it all makes sense.

In other Good Decision/Bad Decision news:

1. MILTON - He stopped Andrea from killing the Governor, is a shitty liar and had the audacity to wear an absolutely horrid shirt...but he did torch the zombie pit.

 photo twd314-000462_zps95469582.jpg
(Goodwill refused to accept this shirt even after the downfall of society.)

2. TYREESE - He lacked the logic to keep his mouth shut when Andrea told him that the Governor was crazy...but it looks like he's starting to realize the error of his ways. Again, if he is to eventually join Rick's group with open arms, he needs to have a complete about-face by the end of the season.

3. ALLEN - He gave Tyreese shit about protecting his late wife...but he'll be the first to die when the gunfire starts, which I consider a good decision, whether he had anything to do with it or not.

4. THE GOVERNOR - He somehow failed to secure the catwalk in his torture chamber...but he did successfully track down Andrea and slaughter about a dozen walkers in the process. Furthermore, he put together that badass Johnny Cash outfit.

 photo twd314-000780_zps73dcf22d.jpg
(I cannot hate a man who looks this cool.)

5. RICK'S CREW - Why are you letting the guy that had admitted to vivid hallucinations man the guard tower? No excuse.

If you're a fan of this show, you've probably entertained the fantasy of how well you may fare if the dead were to rise up and prey on the living. You may think you wouldn't last a day or week, perhaps. After 'Prey,' however, I think we've been selling ourselves a bit short.

I'm done. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your weekend. I'll be back next week with some new stuff.

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