Monday, April 22

100 Lost Essays.

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Still here, still super. Here are a few CDP-related things to start off the week:

1. You'll notice that the archiving in the sidebar has changed from monthly to weekly. A while back, I noticed that the monthly archiving was omitting several posts for some reason (probably because there are nearly 1300 of them), which meant that when you clicked on a monthly archive link, you were missing out on a lot of essays. With weekly archiving, everything appears to be back to where it's supposed to be.

So check it out! You may discover that there were dozens of 'lost' CDP essays you didn't read simply because they weren't listed in the former archives. Even I discovered quite a few things that I had completely forgotten I had written because I was also used to the bizarrely-edited monthly archives. Pretty neat.

2. The next chapter of the 'Let's Go To The Hospital!' saga will arrive soon. Essays have been scarce due to a abnormally large time away from my computer. It's like, real life or something. Either way, it's scary and I plan on remedying the situation as soon as possible.

3. I was initially working on allowing Facebook comments on here, but it's become a formatting nightmare. If you think you would comment more if FB comments were enabled, please let me know. Otherwise I'm keeping it the way it is, and you can just comment on my actual Facebook page.

4. Podcast, podcast, podcast! Yes, I'm considering it.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.