Friday, March 14

The Walking Dead Friday - 'Alone.'

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Season 4 - Episode 13: 'Alone.'

After a couple of weeks off, Walking Dead Friday returns with another batch of captions for you to glaze over without even slowing down your scroll bar. Ingest it quickly and move on with your life; you're a busy person. Enjoy!

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Despite having plenty of rations, Bob insists on eating a jar of industrial hand soap.

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"Bob, you taste like confetti cake, and I am not complaining."

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"Here's a new song I'm working on. It's called 'Age Of Consent Blues.'"

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Disgusting! Diet soda?

 photo twd0413-1517_zps1dfa7d22.jpg
The mystery of the night was who allegedly drove off with Beth. Can we zoom in on the driver's-side window and enhance, please?

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Oh no.

 photo twd0413-0049_zps0ed17abc.jpg
"Well, three more episodes until I'm horribly murd-erm...until the Season Finale, I mean."

 photo twd0413-0581_zpseae8ee6c.jpg
"Terminus. Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive, survive. No outside food."

 photo twd0413-1862_zpsac603620.jpg
Maggie's no longer attempting to hide her narcolepsy from the group anymore.

 photo twd0413-0960_zpsbcb9802e.jpg
"Can you hit the lights and close the lid when you're done out here?"

 photo twd0413-0506_zpsb61b6881.jpg
"I genuinely enjoy making you uncomfortable, Daryl."

 photo twd0413-0468_zps40292605.jpg
"Well, here's as good a place as any to bury you."

 photo twd0413-0335_zps00b9ac81.jpg
"So then I said 'Bitch, what do you mean I can't pay with Sacagawea dollars? THEY'RE LEGAL TENDER!'"

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