Wednesday, April 30

The CDP TV25 Tournament (Day 15 of 20).

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Welcome to Day 15 of the CDP TV25 Tournament to determine the Greatest Television Show of the Last 25 Years. Today you will be voting on THE FINAL 8 SHOWS remaining in the COMEDY BRACKET.

Before we get to the voting, however, let's quickly recap the shows that won on Monday to advance to today's Round 4:

DAY 13

Thank God for The Simpsons. The Cinderella-esque run of Saved By The Bell hit a steamroller in Round 3, and we were all the better for it. Seinfeld accomplished a similar feat, sending The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air back to Nick At Nite. Parks and Recreation defeated Modern Family in a showdown of the two best sitcoms currently on TV (or at least two of the Top 3), and NBC's Community sent FOX's Bob's Burgers packing.

Instant classic 30 Rock beat cult classic Freaks and Geeks, and in the most interesting matchup of the day, The Office (US) defeated Arrested Development by the slimmest of margins. The defining sitcom of the 90's, Friends, defeated Boy Meets World, and in the final match of the day, the over-the-top satire of South Park seized victory over the more subtle satire of King Of The Hill.

Did You Have To Break Any Ties? - Nope!

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Today’s matchups are:

Q1 Final - The Simpsons vs. Seinfeld
Q2 Final - Parks and Recreation vs. Community
Q3 Final - 30 Rock vs. The Office (US)
Q4 Final - Friends vs. South Park

1. Voting for this portion of the tournament begins today at 12:01am CT and ends today at 11:59pm CT.

2. You may submit your votes one of three ways:
A. In the comments section below.
B. Through Facebook.
C. Through Twitter.

3. Vote only once per matchup, please.

Questions, comments or concerns? Want to make an argument for a show and sway some opinions? Sound off in the comments section and let your voice be heard. Tomorrow, we will vote on THE FINAL 8 SHOWS of the DRAMA BRACKET. Vote now and come back tomorrow, as we work our way through the tournament!

Parks & Rec
30 Rock

Also, there is so much pain in sorrow in all of this. King of the Hill, goodnight sweet prince.
30 Rock
South Park

I'm angry about Arrested Development.
Parks and Recreation
30 Rock
South Park

I'm upset about Bob's Burgers being eliminated, Friends still being alive, and the price of baseball hats.
MELISSA - King of the Hill is honestly one of my favorite shows ever. Your mother warned you there'd be days like these. But she didn't tell you when the world has brought you down to your knees.

I'll be there for you.
CARGIRL - I'm surprised about AD. It was close, but not thaaat close.
BRIAN - I totally thought Bob's Burgers would beat Community. And yeah, Friends is creeping through this tournament. Somebody put it down clean.
The Simpsons
Parks and Recreation
30 Rock
Heads up; everything's still really close. Plenty of time left to vote!

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