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The CDP TV25 Tournament - Round 1 Recap (Comedy).

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Hello, and welcome back to the CDP TV25 Tournament to decide the Greatest Television Show of the Last 25 Years.

We're ending the week with a recap of the tournament thus far, as Round 1 voting for the COMEDY BRACKET has concluded. Here's what went down:

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Day 1

We kicked off the First Quarter of the Comedy Bracket with a landslide, as The Simpsons easily dispatched 3rd Rock From The Sun to move onto Round 2. The Ren and Stimpy Show fared well against the more subtle animated styling of Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist, and The Adventures Of Pete and Pete walked through the even more obscure cult classic, Eerie, Indiana.

In what I felt were the first slight upsets of the tournament, Saved By The Bell took out Roseanne, and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air handily defeated Beavis and Butthead. Also, Mystery Science Theater 3000 sent Home Improvement packing in a matchup that would have sent me screaming into the rafters had it gone the other way. Thanks for that.

In the closest matchup of the day, NewsRadio narrowly defeated Murphy Brown by a mere two votes. And rounding out the day was 90's classic Seinfeld over Family Matters.

Did You Have To Break Any Ties?  - Nope.

Day 2

Q2 of the Comedy Bracket started with the biggest blowout to date, as Parks and Recreation soundly sent Shameless packing. In a matchup I thought would be far more competitive, Adventure Time easily advanced with a victory over Cartoon Network neighbor Regular Show. FX's Louie reigned supreme over HBO's Veep, and the Emmy Award-gobbling Modern Family decisively took out the faux geeks of The Big Bang Theory.

In the battle between a show I should be watching (Archer), and a show you may be surprised to hear I do watch (The Middle), Archer took a late lead to clinch victory. The uber-ambitious Community defeated Girls, and the Golden Globe winner for best Comedy Series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, ran over my favorite new comedy of the season, The Goldbergs.

Finally- a show I feel might be the best animated series on TV right now- Bob's Burgers, knocked Glee out early.

Did You Have To Break Any Ties? - Nope.

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Day 3

Q3 featured some intriguing pairings, but most were runaways as massive favorites 30 Rock, Futurama, Freaks and Geeks, The Office, Family Guy and Arrested Development leveled the short-lived Pushing Daisies, Metalocalypse, My Name Is Earl, The Tick, Monk and Weeds, respectively. I have absolutely no idea the show that's going to emerge from this portion of the bracket.

In two of our closer matches of the day, Scrubs barely squeaked by Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Adult Swim mainstay Aqua Teen Hunger Force edged How I Met Your Mother by a single vote.

Did You Have To Break Any Ties? - Nope.

Day 4

Q4 is almost exclusively 90's comedies, and one of the most popular of all-time, Friends, sailed by Hey Arnold! to secure a place in Round 2. In the closest vote of the day, Daria slipped by Malcolm In The Middle by a single vote, and Boy Meets World easily defeated SpongeBob SquarePants. And in the battle of Shows My Mom Likes, Will and Grace took out Everybody Loves Raymond.

The lower half of the bracket was full of mismatches, as Frasier, King Of The Hill, That 70's Show and South Park had no trouble walking through Home Movies, Sports Night, The Critic and The Larry Sanders Show, respectively.

Did You Have To Break Any Ties? - Nope, none so far.

Thus completes Round 1 of the Comedy Bracket: 64 comedies whittled down to 32. We'll be back for Round 2 on April 21, but next week is devoted entirely to ROUND 1 of the DRAMA BRACKET. 64 of the greatest TV dramas of the last 25 years begin their quest (with your votes) to Pop Culture immortality.

Sound off in the comments section, let me know what pissed you off about the Round 1 voting so far and the matchups you're looking forward to. To view the entire tournament as one cohesive bracket (and for a refresher on the Drama Bracket), CLICK HERE. Thanks for all the votes this week, and thanks in advance for all the votes next week.

Things are going to get very emotional for me in the next round. Some of my favorites are up against some of my other favorites. Why am I shaking my fist about television? Because this is the level of awesomeness in my life.
I think Spongebob is just a generational thing. I cry of laughter watching it, but when I've talked to people who didn't watch it as a kid, they actively despise it and just don't get it. It was certainly a unique show, and it was clearly a huge influence on my sense of humor, but I get that it can just escape a lot of people. I have purchased all the DVDs to hold for posterity so that it may live on.
NICOLE - Because this is a celebration of a lifetime spent watching awesome television, THAT'S why. :)

And yeah, it only gets more interesting from here on out. It's going to cause people to actually take a moment and evaluate what shows they find more enjoyable, which is sort of a bizarre premise if you don't already do that everyday (like...well, most of us).
C-C-C-CARGIRL - I thought SpongeBob would win its matchup for sure. I agree; it was HUGE for several years. But the nostalgia of Boy Meets World (coupled with the announcement of a series revival) put it over.
I am happy that the majority of my picks made the second round, though I fear this will not be the case come Drama Week.

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