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The CDP TV25 Tournament - Round 1 Recap (Drama).

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Hello, and welcome back to the CDP TV25 Tournament to decide the Greatest Television Show of the Last 25 Years.

We're ending the week with a recap of the tournament thus far, as Round 1 voting for the DRAMA BRACKET (and Round 1 overall) has concluded. Here's what went down:

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Day 5

Monday began with a route, as one of the greatest SciFi shows of all-time, The X-Files, defeated Homicide. The groundbreaking NYPD Blue won impressively over Party Of Five (not Cop Rock), and My So-Called Life won big over China Beach. And in the matchup of campy, anthology horror series, HBO's Tales From The Crypt beat the more kid-friendly Are You Afraid Of The Dark? by a decisive margin.

I was surprised to see that Quantum Leap remained fresh enough in people's heads to take down 90's classic Beverly Hills, 90210, but not at all surprised to see The Wonder Years decimate Melrose Place. Law and Order defeated Northern Exposure by less than three votes, and the David Lynch masterpiece Twin Peaks won big over the similarly-weird Picket Fences.

Did You Have To Break Any Ties? - Nope.

Day 6

This bracket is all about modern Drama, so it kicked off with perhaps the best of the best, Breaking Bad, soundly defeating Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the opener. FX's Sons Of Anarchy took down Scandal, Boardwalk Empire impressively went over The Americans, and The Newsroom didn't stand a chance against Game Of Thrones.

House Of Cards, the only show in the tournament not featured on an actual television network, defeated American Horror Story, and in the closest vote of the day, Homeland beat True Detective by just one vote. ABC's fairy tale drama Once Upon A Time took out Nashville, and it wasn't even close as AMC's The Walking Dead nearly shut out Revolution, who had a single vote to their name.

Did You Have To Break Any Ties? - Nope.

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Day 7

We opened Day 7 with Lost, easily the most discussed and scrutinized show in CDP history, winning big over NCIS. The critically-acclaimed Deadwood edged out Supernatural, House MD destroyed (to my chagrin) Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, and Battlestar Galactica got the nerd vote over the perpetually-disappointing Heroes.

Veronica Mars looked strong over Grey's Anatomy, a show I'm surprised to hear is still on the air. True Blood didn't stand a chance against the impossible-to-overstate masterwork that is Friday Night Lights, and Fringe made short work of Desperate Housewives. And in our final matchup of the day, Mad Men defeated Dexter in the very first tiebreaker of the tournament.

Did You Have To Break Any Ties? - Yes! Mad Men over Dexter.

Day 8

The show that rang in the latest Golden Age Of Television, The Sopranos, obliterated The O.C. in today's opener, while CSI put the brakes on Sex and The City's run to the finals. In the closest match of the day (but not close enough to be a tiebreaker), Firefly defeated The West Wing in a match that has officially rendered the tournament Sorkinless. Also, the NBC classic ER handily beat Ally McBeal in a runaway.

Smallville never came close to matching Buffy The Vampire Slayer in a contest of classic WB Network shows. Critical darling Six Feet Under took out another critical darling in The Shield, and Oz sent Dawson, Jen, Pacey and Joey fleeing from Dawson's Creek in sheer, unbridled terror. And finally, in the last match of Round 1, The Lone Gunmen fell to what many feel is the greatest Drama series of all-time, The Wire.

Did You Have To Break Any Ties? - Nope.

Thus completes ROUND 1 of the CDP TV25 Tournament: 128 shows whittled down to 64. ROUND 2 (ALL of it, Comedies and Dramas alike) takes place next week, and it only gets faster from here, as the surviving shows continue their quest (with your votes) for Pop Culture immortality. Here's the schedule for next week:

4/21 - Comedy Bracket (First Half)
4/22 - Comedy Bracket (Second Half)
4/23 - Drama Bracket (First Half)
4/24 - Drama Bracket (Second Half)
4/25 - Round 2 Recap

Sound off in the comments section, let us know what pissed you off (or made you happy) about Round 1 and the matchups you're looking forward to in Round 2. To view the entire tournament as one cohesive bracket, CLICK HERE. Thanks for all the votes this week, and thanks in advance for all the votes next week.

Round 2 voting begins Monday. Let's do this.


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