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The CDP TV25 Tournament - Round 2 Recap.

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Hello, and welcome back to the CDP TV25 Tournament to decide the Greatest Television Show of the Last 25 Years.

We're ending the week with a recap of the tournament thus far, as Round 2 voting has concluded. Here's what went down (and trust me, there was plenty):

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Day 9

The First Half of the Comedy Bracket kicked off with a rout, as The Simpsons easily bounced The Ren and Stimpy Show from the tournament. We then had two (in my opinion) upsets, as Saved By The Bell and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air unanimously defeated The Adventures Of Pete and Pete and Mystery Science Theater 3000 without so much as a tiebreaker needed. From a popularity standpoint and place within the overall Pop Culture lexicon, I totally get it. As a fan of good television, however, I find it flipping ludicrous. But hey, 127 shows are going to lose this thing when it's all said and done, so onward we march.

Seinfeld, Parks and Recreation and Modern Family, all nearly-perfect sitcoms, made short work of NewsRadio, Adventure Time and Louie in Round 2 competition, which I more or less agreed completely with (although Louie is a fantastic show). Finally, Community ousted Archer and Bob's Burgers barely squeaked past Brooklyn Nine-Nine to secure a place in the Round of 32.

Did You Have To Break Any Ties? - Nope!

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Day 10

The Second Half of the Comedy Bracket consisted mostly of ass-whippings, as 30 Rock, Freaks and Geeks, The Office (US), Arrested Development, Boy Meets World, King Of The Hill and South Park all destroyed their competition in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Futurama, Scrubs, Family Guy, Will and Grace, Frasier and That 70's Show. The only close matchup was Friends barely making it past Daria by a couple of votes. I'll be very interested to see what happens to this portion of the bracket during Rounds 3 and 4 next week.

Did You Have To Break Any Ties? - Nope!

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Day 11

The First Half of the Drama Bracket was the closest competition and highest voter turnout we've had since the beginning of the tournament, and for good reason. A ton of good shows were represented here, beginning with The X-Files taking down NYPD Blue in the opener. Also, angst and nostalgia were prevalent as My So-Called Life and The Wonder Years advanced after defeating Tales From The Crypt and Quantum Leap, respectively. And in what I thought was a bit of a surprise, Law and Order knocked out the David Lynch masterpiece Twin Peaks by no more than two votes.

In the more modern half of the day's matches, Breaking Bad didn't even make things interesting against Sons Of Anarchy, and critically-acclaimed HBO period piece Game Of Thrones defeated critically-acclaimed HBO period piece Boardwalk Empire by a single vote. Finally, House Of Cards sailed past Homeland to punch their ticket to the Round of 32, while AMC's The Walking Dead munched the proverbial brains of ABC's Once Upon A Time, gathering more than 85% of the votes.

Did You Have To Break Any Ties? - Nope!

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Day 12

Competition was fierce on Day 12, as the final remaining Dramas looked to secure their spot in the Final 32. Lost kicked things off with a dominant win over Deadwood, while Battlestar Galactica sent House M.D. packing. Friday Night Lights handily defeated Veronica Mars, and Mad Men (fresh off a tiebreaker win last week), just barely claimed victory over Fringe.

Over in the land of groundbreaking HBO Dramas, The Sopranos rolled over CSI: Crime Scene Investigation to continue their run toward the Finals, and The Wire easily dispatched their counterpart Oz. Also, longtime NBC staple ER defeated the short-time (and I do mean short) Space Western Firefly by a solitary vote.

Finally, we had just our second tiebreaker scenario of the tournament materialize between Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Six Feet Under, which means I got to cast my vote for only the second time thus far, handing victory to one of the legitimately greatest TV Dramas of all-time, Six Feet Under.

Did You Have To Break Any Ties? -Yes! Six Feet Under over Buffy The Vampire Slayer. If you're grumpy, get more people to vote next time (so I don't have to).

Thus completes ROUND 2 of the CDP TV25 Tournament: 96 shows have been eliminated; only 32 remain. ROUNDS 3 AND 4 BOTH take place next week, and it only gets faster from here, as the surviving shows continue their quest (with your votes) for Pop Culture immortality. Here's the schedule for next week:

4/28 - Comedy Bracket (Round 3)
4/29 - Drama Bracket (Round 3)
4/30 - Comedy Bracket (Round 4)
5/1 - Drama Bracket (Round 4)
5/2 - Rounds 3/4 Recap - QUARTERFINALS PREVIEW!

Sound off in the comments section, let us know what pissed you off (or made you happy) about Round 1 and the matchups you're looking forward to in Round 2. To view the entire tournament as one cohesive bracket, CLICK HERE. Thanks for all the votes this week, and thanks in advance for all the votes next week.

Round 3 voting begins Monday. Let's do this.


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