Monday, May 5

The CDP TV25 Tournament (Quarterfinals).

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Welcome to Day 17 of the CDP TV25 Tournament to determine the Greatest Television Show of the Last 25 Years. Today you will be voting on the QUARTERFINALS.

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Out of 128 shows, it has all come down to this. Today’s matchups are:

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 photo ParksAndRecTitleCard_zps19e451ac.jpg

Seinfeld vs. Parks and Recreation

 photo 30RockTitleCard_zps656d16ba.jpg

 photo FriendsTitleCard_zpse1b840c2.jpg

30 Rock vs. Friends

 photo XFilesTitleCard_zps32241bb5.jpg

 photo BreakingBadTitleCard_zps6b7a26f3.jpg

The X-Files vs. Breaking Bad

 photo FNLTitleCard_zps05cf2858.jpg

 photo SopranosTitleCard_zpsab4664e3.jpg

Friday Night Lights vs. The Sopranos

1. Voting for this portion of the tournament begins today at 12:01am CT and ends today at 11:59pm CT.

2. You may submit your votes one of three ways:
A. In the comments section below.
B. Through Facebook.
C. Through Twitter.

3. Vote only once per matchup, please.

Questions, comments or concerns? Want to make an argument for a show and sway some opinions? Sound off in the comments section and let your voice be heard. Tomorrow, we will begin voting for the SEMIFINALS. Vote now and come back tomorrow, as we work our way through the tournament!

Parks and Rec
30 Rock

Haven't seen two of the others so I'll withhold my vote.
Parks and Recreation
30 Rock
Breaking Bad
The Sopranos
All matchups are still pretty close. Plenty of time to vote today; get on it!

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