Wednesday, August 20

The Top 100 Simpsons Episodes Of All-Time: #80-71.

#80 – '24 Minutes

Season 18 – Episode 21 (Episode 399 Overall)

Synopsis – When finding out Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney plan on sabotaging Springfield Elementary School's annual bake sale by releasing the "ultimate stinkbomb" (a rotten yogurt cup from Springfield's Nuclear Power Plant), Bart and Lisa enlist the help of Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian.

#79 – ‘Dude, Where’s My Ranch?
Season 14 – Episode 18 (Episode 309 Overall)

Synopsis – When challenged to come up with a new Christmas carol, Homer instead writes a song about how much he hates Ned Flanders. The song becomes such a hit that The Simpsons become sick of the fame and move away to a dude ranch.

#78 – ‘Lisa The Skeptic
Season 9 – Episode 8 (Episode 186 Overall)

Synopsis – Lisa discovers that a shopping mall is going to be built at a site where prehistoric fossils were found. Afraid of there being more prehistoric items at the site, Lisa complains to the developers and starts an archaeological survey at the site. Late into the dig, Lisa unearths a skeleton with bones that resemble wings, similar to an angel's. Despite the whole town believing it to be an angel, Lisa is skeptical. After an interview about her beliefs, there is a town riot against the Science community.

#77 – ‘New Kids On The Blecch
Season 12 – Episode 14 (Episode 262 Overall)

Synopsis – A music producer selects Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Ralph to be members of the next hit boy band, who record subliminal songs about joining the Navy.

#76 – ‘Girly Edition
Season 9 – Episode 21 (Episode 199 Overall)

Synopsis – Lisa becomes a news anchor of a children's news segment on the Krusty the Clown Show when the channel discovers that it requires some educational programming. Marge makes Lisa allow Bart to be the sports anchor, but after the channel sees Bart's success, they promote him to co-anchor. To prove to Lisa that he is a good anchor, Bart starts to produce "Bart's People", which are human interest stories, a news segment that becomes extremely popular.

#75 – ‘The Last Temptation Of Homer

Season 5 – Episode 9 (Episode 90 Overall)

Synopsis – Mr. Burns hires a female worker named Mindy Simmons in accordance with labor union policies and Homer is worried that his crush on her will ruin his marriage with Marge.

#74 – ‘Black Widower
Season 3 – Episode 21 (Episode 56 Overall)

Synopsis – Selma reveals that she has a new boyfriend that she met through the prison pen-pal program, Sideshow Bob. Bart is immediately suspicious of Bob, but he does everything he can to romance Selma and prove he's changed. After Selma and Bob are married, Bob reveals that he plans to kill Selma.

#73 – ‘Trilogy Of Error
Season 12 – Episode 18 (Episode 266 Overall)

Synopsis – Homer's rush to the hospital to reattach his thumb, Lisa's rush to school to win the science fair, and Bart's run-in with an illegal fireworks scheme are interconnected in a parody of Go and Run, Lola, Run.

#72 – ‘The Lastest Gun In The West
Season 13 – Episode 12 (Episode 281 Overall)

Synopsis – Bart befriends Buck, a former Western film star who stages a comeback on The Krusty the Klown show after every kid in town becomes interested in the Wild West. However, the comeback flops when Buck begins drinking alcohol and injures Krusty on live TV.

#71 – ‘Natural Born Kissers
Season 9 – Episode 25 (Episode 203 Overall)

Synopsis – Homer and Marge go out on their anniversary dinner, but are forced to take the kids. They end up having an unromantic dinner, and lose interest in being intimate later that night. Later, the two must go purchase a new refrigerator motor, but during a rainstorm, their car gets stuck in the mud, so the two rush into a barn. When the farm owner nearly discovers them, the two become excited and have sex. They then realize that the fear of getting caught makes them excited.


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