Monday, May 16

TV Month 2016 - The 100 Greatest (Part 1).

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I hope you've been enjoying TV Month 2016, and what would a CDP retrospectivus be without a big countdown?

All this week, we'll be rolling back my list of the 100 Greatest TV Shows of the Last 35 Years. Right off the bat, here are the ground rules:

1. My list, my shows. I ain't speaking for you, and why would you want me to?

2. To keep this list under 8,000 shows, I had to set a few personal parameters. It is for these reasons that I stuck to almost exclusively scripted comedies and dramas. For the most part, variety shows, reality shows and mini-series had to be sacrificed in order to make this a reality.

3. I chose 35 years, again, to keep the list from getting out of hand, and to focus on shows created in my lifetime. If there's an issue with this, please see Rule #1.

Let's go.

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100. Heroes
99. Nashville
98. ALF
97. Thirtysomething
96. The Muppets (2015)

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95. The Cosby Show
94. Adventure Time/Regular Show
93. Hey Arnold!
92. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
91. Newhart

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90. Saved by the Bell
89. Family Ties
88. Tales From the Darkside
87. L.A. Law
86. Fraggle Rock

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85. My Name is Earl
84. The Last Man on Earth
83. Picket Fences
82. The Middle
81. Sports Night

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80. Beverly Hills, 90210
79. Night Court
78. Melrose Place
77. Miami Vice
76. MacGyver



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